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Keeping their trees intact is an important factor for homeowners. Large trees tend to have heavier branches, that may cause damage to your property. At Andy's Tree Company, we can provide you with a reliable tree service that will keep you and your family safe from tree hazards. We have over 51 years of experience, in which we have proved to be the best tree company in Big Rapids Township MI and all of the surrounding areas. Our professional craftsmen are fully licensed, and offer some of the most competitive prices locally. You can stop worrying about those big trees in your back yard, and just call our company to take the proper action.

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We offer a great stump grinding service, that will remove all unwanted stumps from your property.

As a leader in the local industry, we hire only professionals with experience in the business, who we can trust. Our line of work can be dangerous sometimes, and we need to be sure that every one of our staff members are prepared to execute safe and efficient services. Andy's Tree Company is a tree company that guarantees high quality services. Our main focus is to make sure that our clients are provided with a safe living environment. You can put your trust in the hands of our specialists. They will do everything they can to meet all of your expectations. There is no other local company that can offer the same quality tree service.

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We offer a great stump grinding service, that will remove all unwanted stumps from your property. Leaving them on your lawn, can damage your grass by spreading unwanted diseases. In time they will grow shoots that are unpleasant to look at, and can attract rodents, and other pests. Having dead stumps around your property can also decrease its value. We are equipped with all the right machinery to execute an effective stump grinding service. The process begins with grinding the stump down to about six inches below the ground. It is accomplished by a fast speed disk that cuts the stump into small pieces.

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We offer reliable tree removal services in Big Rapids Township MIAnother service we provide is tree removal. This service will get rid of any unwanted trees from your property. The best decision you can make if you have a dead tree around your home, is to remove it. A tree in this condition is vulnerable to falling in high-wind storms. This can be a hazard, if the tree is close to a building. Tree removal is done with the help of bucket trucks. They are used to reach tall branches more easily. After we cut down a tree, we make sure to remove all parts of the tree by chopping it down and recycling it. We guarantee that we will keep the area clean after we complete the job.

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As the leading tree contractor in the area, we can also offer tree trimming services. Trimming is great for trees, as it stimulates growth, and can improve their health. It will get rid of any deadwood, that can damage the rest of the tree, and will maintain its well being.


For the leading tree contractor in Big Rapids Township MI, be sure to call Andy's Tree Company at (231) 222-5263.