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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Stump Grinding Service

Stumps are definitely an unattractive sight that spoils the look of your landscape, but this is not the only reason why they should be removed. Let’s see what the other reasons for using a professional stump grinding service are:
contractors performing stump grinding

  • Stumps are dangerous. When your children run and play in the yard, they may trip over a stump and injure themselves.
  • Stumps cause new tree growth. Stumps often have sprouts, which can develop into a new tree. If you did not want the old tree there, you would not want the new one, either.
  • Stumps make lawn mowing hard. Tree stumps present an obstacle for lawn mowers and can be hard to maneuver around.
  • Stumps attract pests. It takes time for a decaying stump to rot away completely. A decaying stump attracts harmful insects such as termites, ants, beetles, rodents, and even snakes. From there, they can easily enter your home.
  • Stumps take up yard space. For sure, you can find a good use for the space occupied by the stump – a flowerbed maybe?

If you need a stump removed, Andy's Tree Company, in Big Rapids Township MI, can help. Our superior stump grinding service comes at a very competitive rate.


Are Your Trees Looking Unhealthy?

How a Tree Contractor Can Help You With Disease

Trees are living objects, and as all living things, they are exposed to sickness and disease. If they lack the care needed for their well-being and attractive appearance, they get sick and can possibly die. Dead trees can be dangerous for your property and the health of your family, as they might fall and cause damage. Contacting an expert tree contractor is highly recommended, if you suspect that you have a dead or dying tree.

professional tree serviceThe following article will explain about the most common tree diseases you should look out for. If you notice any of these symptoms, turn to a professional company, and ask for advice or a solution. Tree sickness is mostly caused by fungus or certain weather conditions.

  • Anthracnose disease. This particular disease requires a closer inspection of the tree. The symptoms consist of spots or dead areas on the leaves, and can also infect the fruits of the tree. You may also notice a change in color and deformation of the leaf. Continue reading…